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Joomla Development Services

Database-driven site engines, Fully customizable layouts

Joomla Development Services

EazyBridge - a Joomla website development company

We, at EazyBridge, harness the potential of Joomla! and give our clients superior, on-time services. We have professionals who have years of expertise working on Joomla! that helps you and your business grow multi-fold.

Joomla is one of the most preferred system amongst the developers. PHP is the most widely used open source scripting language. Joomla is created using the same - PHP, and MySQL as its go to data storage. This combination makes Joomla extremely easy for the developers around the world to support this CMS and build extensions for it.

How Joomla makes a difference

The best part about Joomla is the ease of use. It has more than 8000 extensions for the system, and those are divided into 33 categories. So if a brand needs social connectivity widgets or extensions we can add those. If a company needs a customer comments form, that can be added easily as well. These are further categorised into editing, marketing, social connectivity, site management, and so on. Those extensions are labelled and have ratings on them. Based on those, the user can decide which one to use.

These extensions are divided into 33 different categories, including communication, editing, marketing, social, languages, site management and living. Every extension is clearly labeled and is given a rating out of 5 stars to indicate exactly how useful (or how useless) it is for users.

Joomla Development Services
Joomla Development Services

Our Joomla website development services include -

  • Developing an entirely new Joomla website from scratch.
  • Migrating existing website to Joomla without disturbing the personalised wed preferences on the current site.
  • Creating customised Joomla themes & templates
  • Implementing admin dashboard.